Gloagburn Farm Shop origins come from our free range hens. Starting from a flock of 12 hens and a rickety old garden shed our free range hen flock has seen steady growth over the past 15 years. Having sold eggs at our door for many years expansion came in the form of school teachers that eldest son Fergus, then 10, sold to on a weekly basis. Word quickly got around and the 12 hens soon became 24, 48, 150 and then 400. From there we started supplying local village shops, butchers and restaurants which coincided with the opening of our farm shop and coffee shop in 2003.

Numbers now total 4,600 which are housed in two state of the art units providing everything a hen could ask for: a controlled environment (temperature and lighting- especially important in the depths of winter!), perching and scratching areas and access to acres of green pasture. The hens are fed a food mix which contains wheat (grown on the farm by farmer Ian), minerals, soya, and grit- everything a hen could wish for to lay the tastiest of eggs.

For any wholesale inquiries please get in contact with Mandy on 01738842987 or email