Our shop is filled with the smells of many delights that are produced in the kitchen including steak pies, raspberry jam and gingerbreads. This accompanied by our rare breed pork and traditionally raised beef from the farm creates the backbone of our fantastic selection. However it is not only our own products that make our selection so appealing.

Blessed with a fabulous selection of bespoke products produced both locally and nationally we also stock world renowned wild venison,

organic lamb and chicken, Scottish beer and whisky, stunning wine, delicious Scottish cheese, smoked meats, natural yoghurts and divine puddings to name but a few. We are very proud of everything we stock and all of our products are tried and tasted by the family before they are included in our shop.

In that respect our shop is very much customer driven and so if you find that extra special product that we must stock just let us know and we will see if we can get it for you.