Praveen Kumar Curries

Multi award winning Chef Praveen Kumar's handmade authentic Indian cuisine is now available to order for home delivery or click and collect.

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        Butter Chicken

        Tandoori Grilled Chicken Breast pieces in a rich and smooth tomato sauce with almond, cream and butter. Strength: Mild 350g Frozen

        Chicken Balti

        The Bali originated in Baltistan, which is in the northern mountainous region of India. A tangy and spicy chicken curry with mix pickle and chickpeas. Hot 350g Frozen

        Chicken Chasni

        Chicken Chasni is dish from Jaipur – Chasni meaning the sugar syrup used for making Indian sweets. Leftover sugar syrup was added to a curry to make a sweet and sour dish – tangy, creamy and delicious, with tender pieces...

        Chicken Korma

        Marinated chicken with nuts and fruits, simmered in a smooth coconut cream, single cream and saffron sauce. Strength: Very Mild. 350g Frozen

        Chicken Madras

        Our Chicken Madras is spicy, vibrant and steeped in history – much like the city of Madras (now known as Chennai) in South India. Hot 350g Frozen

        Chicken Pakora

        Take strips of Scottish Chicken breast, marinate them in our Garam Masala and dip them in a naturally gluten-free Chickpea flour batter before frying till crispy. Serve with our delicious Pakora dip (included). 200g Frozen

        Chicken Rogan Josh

        Our Chicken Rogan Josh is a classic Kashmiri dish of tender Scottish Chicken in an aromatic and spicy sauce of Red Chillies, Tomato and Onions. Medium 350g Frozen Dairy Free

        Lamb Bhuna

        Spiced Lamb stewed with Onions and Tomatoes, to form a flavourful sauce. Strength: Medium. Dairy Free 350g Frozen

        Mixed Vegetable Pakora

        Seasonal Scottish vegetables in a crispy chickpea flour batter. 30g Pakora Dip included. Strength: Mild. Vegan & Gluten Free 250g

        Palak Lamb

        Meltingly tender slow-cooked Scottish Lamb with Spinach, Garlic and aromatic spices. Hot 350g Frozen

        Paneer Butter Masala

        Cubes of tender Paneer (Cottage Cheese) in a silky tomato sauce with cream, butter and aromatic spices. Strength: Mild. Vegetarian 350g Frozen

        Peas Pilau Rice

        Long-grained Basmati rice cooked with peas Strength: Very Mild. Vegan.